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  • 2007-02-21 Author 'Remaps' Notions About Autism
  • 2007-02-19 Roots of Autism More Complex Than Thought
  • 2007-02-18 Her Autistic Brothers
  • 2007-02-12 Genetic Engineering Cures Mice of Brain Disorder
  • 2007-02-11 A Sad Reality As An Epidemic is Ignored
  • 2007-02-02 Unraveling the deep, daily mysteries of autism
  • 2007-02-02 17-year-old black belt learns about life and herself through teaching autistic student
  • 2006-07-15 Camp for kids shores up social skills
  • 2006-06-27 Autism Movement Seeks Acceptance, Not Cures
  • 2006-05-27 School system loses autism case
  • 2006-05-22 A question of 'tough love' vs. torture
  • 2006-05-21 A sexual assault, then silence: Lemoyne Middle School controversy
  • 2006-05-12 Army Releases Autistic Teen
  • 2006-05-09 Doctors May Not Detect Autism Disorders
  • 2006-05-09 For your child's sake, don't put off selecting a guardian

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