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  • 2007-04-30 Autism in the classroom: Parents seek best fit for their children's needs
  • 2007-02-21 Author 'Remaps' Notions About Autism
  • 2007-02-19 Roots of Autism More Complex Than Thought
  • 2007-02-18 Her Autistic Brothers
  • 2007-02-12 Genetic Engineering Cures Mice of Brain Disorder
  • 2007-02-11 A Sad Reality As An Epidemic is Ignored
  • 2007-02-02 Unraveling the deep, daily mysteries of autism
  • 2007-02-02 17-year-old black belt learns about life and herself through teaching autistic student
  • 2007-01-30 New grant will fund child autism program
  • 2006-06-27 Autism Movement Seeks Acceptance, Not Cures
  • 2006-05-27 School system loses autism case
  • 2006-05-22 A question of 'tough love' vs. torture
  • 2006-05-21 A sexual assault, then silence: Lemoyne Middle School controversy
  • 2006-05-13 Autistic Woman Attacked In Group Home

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Additional Information for Connecticut

Having your child diagnosed with autism is a daunting and frightening experience. Please know that you're not alone. There are plenty of people in the State of Texas who can help you with information, resources and support with autism spectrum disorders. Our advice is to first read everything you can about play therapy, applied behavior analysis (ABA), relationship development intervention (RDI), speech and occupational therapies, etc. You can find information on all of these types of therapies at AutismLink. Just look to the left at the menu bar at General Autism info. From there you will see links to subjects like types of therapy, feeding problems, and more.

If you need information on Autism more specific to Alabama, you can check our database. Our nationwide database features providers of therapy, respite, educational advocacy, legal services, dietary interventions, social aspects in autism, and general information on all autism spectrum disorders. If you want to search for services within the state of Alabama, you can do so by zip code proximity. Simply enter your zip code, and choose the radius, and providers and autism support and services will be displayed.

AutismLink also has an online autism discussion forum for Alabama residents. To register, go to Once you've registered, you can go to the Alabama forum to find parents and invididuals on the spectrum to talk to. The best advice always comes from other parents and invididuals on the spectrum.

We also have a comprehensive list of resources for information and support from Beaumont to Dallas to Houston to Lubbock and all places in between! Our chat room is accessible if you want to use it at any time. AutismLink is your one stop shop for autism information.

Be sure to check out our online store. We carry autism gel bracelets, stainless steel jewelry, autism awareness magnets, and autism merchandise of all kinds, including embroidered shirts, backpacks, coats, tank tops and more! The more we raise awareness, the more people will understand our children and our plight.

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