AutismLink Mentoring Program

AutismLink's Mentoring Program is designed to help parents with a newly diagnosed child get help from those who know it best -- other parents. We match more experienced parents who have children on the spectrum with those requesting help. It's easy -- just sign up to be a mentor, or request to be matched to a mentor if you are a parent with a newly diagnosed child, or even if you suspect your child may have autism.

We'll match you up with another parent who can help you cope with the diagnosis and help to show you the ropes.

Attention Perspective Mentors:

Before you agree to become a mentor, you must agree to a few things! Please remember that the people you will be helping are likely parents of newly diagnosed children. They need your help, so if you don't plan to respond to emails in a timely manner, this may not be for you. Please be sure that you are dedicated to helping other families before you sign up to be a mentor at AutismLink. Parents who feel lost and confused need your help. Please make sure you are committed to following through.

Thank you for helping other families. Spread the word! Tell a friend about AutismLink's mentor program!