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Welcome to the chatroom! Just enter a nickname below, and make sure you click on "ALLOW" or "YES" when you get a prompt. You'll get right into the chat room. It's very easy to use!!

This chat room can be used at any time. Stay awhile, see if anyone pops in. You can either use this javascript or we are available on EFNET in internet relay chat (IRC) in the #autismlink room. We're always looking for moderators, so if you know irc commands and you'd like to be a moderator, let us know and we'll add you to the bot!

This is the chat login page, please enter you nickname below.
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IMPORTANT: Please click YES to any prompts - this will install the chat software. The chat window will take a couple minutes to install the first time; please be patient

Chatroom operators: Cindy, Kris, Capa, Inna, Tracey

If you have any problems, please message an operator directly by using /msg nickname